Mirai Montessori Kindergarten is looking for members who can follow the school’s philosophy and policy, cooperate with the progress, and who has professionalism.

​English teacher
​Care-taker (Montessori teacher)


  • Teaching (1 class with 15 to 20 students)

  • Riding school bus

  • Course material preparation

  • Childcare

Required experience, skills

  • Experience teaching English in Japanese kindergartens, nursery schools or similar constitutions.

  • Experience teaching English conversation classes for young children in Japan.


  • Certification in Kindergarten education

  • English pedagogy related certifications​


  • Teaching (1 class with 20 students of 2-6 years old)

  • Riding school bus

  • Course material preparation (for both English and Montessori class)

Required experience, skills

  • People who are interested in English education, Montessori or Rhythmic teaching are welcomed.

  • People who have experience teaching in Japan or who have Montessori teachers’ certification are preferred.


  • Certfication in Kindergarten education

  • Rhythmic qualification

  • Montessori teaching certification

      ​*Childcare qualification is a must.


All ages

Conditions of employment

Full-time staff or Contract staff  *There will be a evaluation period.

Work time

8 hours between 7:00 a.m. and 19:00 p.m.(60minutes break)

Weekends / Holidays

There are no classes on Saturdays, Sunday, public holidays and other holiday according to our school calendar. (E.g.Golden week holiday, summer holiday and New Year) Paid holiday is provided. There might be some situations that require working on weekends or holidays.


Transportation Fee, Social insurance (Employee’s Pension Insurance; Health Insurance; Other (Worker’s Accident Insurance)) ,Promotion System,Water server, and Uniform

For more detailed information, please contact the email below.



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