Education For The Future

A futuristic kindergarten education that prepares children for the Age of AI in the 21st Century

What education is necessary for children living in the Age of AI?

At Mirai Kindergarten, we provide a learning environment where children can creatively express themselves. We help nurture the strength to design and feely operate AI, so that children can create a better future and not be dominated by AI.

International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten is an advanced education institute where we strive to educate children in the best environment, in preparation for the Age of AI that has already come. At Mirai Kindergarten, we have Montessori Education, Bilingual Education, Computer Science, Body, Literature and Arts programs as big pillars of the curriculum. This is to draw out the potential in each children and maximize their possibilities throughout the entire education curriculum.

About Mirai




Each classroom is a small, mixed age class of 20 children with two homeroom teachers, one native English-speaking teacher and one certified Kindergarten teacher. In this classroom environment, each child receives full attention of the teachers. This is crucial in the children’s sensitive period of development, where such attention allows teachers to bring out the maximum potential in each student.



Children grow the strength to think and use English fluently by spending periods of the day fully immersed in English. Children are also instructed according to their levels by native English-speaking teachers.



By nurturing the strength to think and create on their own, including programming robots, we prepare children of the Age of AI, for an era where people live operating robots daily.

Body Art


To actively work the right and left brain, we aim to provide a balance of sensitivity, physical abilities and intelligence through physical education, dance, art, rhythmic and music classes taught by professional teachers.

Kindergarten Overview


International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten



Near Akasaka Estate, Yotsuya State Guest Houses and Gakushuin Primary School Gym (〒160 - 0011    3-10-10, Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan)


Year 2018  60 students (20 students per class)



TEL: 03-6380-6643

FAX: 03-6380-6647




By Subway: 9 min walk from Yotsuya station (JR Sobu Line / Chuo Line, Tokyo Metro Marunochi Line)

By Car: Near Akasaka Estate and Gakushuin Primary School Gym


General Kindergarten Hours

9:00 ~ 17:30


Closed on

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Golden Week, 1 week in August, New Year’s holiday, 7~10 days at the end of March


Types of Childcare

Monthly childcare, Extended childcare


Bus pick-up service available



School lunch available upon request

Words of Recommendation by Japan’s Leading Expert in
English Education
Professor of Keio University
Shigenori Tanaka


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